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  • Do you want to improve your guitar playing but need the right help and guidance?
  • Are you the parent or friend of someone who would like to learn guitar but not sure how to help?
  • Are you already playing guitar but are frustrated and want to get better?
  • Do you feel like it's taking too long to get to the next level?
  • Do you want FAST results and for learning guitar to be FUN?

Is this how you feel?

  • Do you feel like your guitar playing isn't going anywhere fast?
  • Are you tired of trying to teach yourself?
  • Do you feel that it's taking too long to get to the next level? 
  • Does it still not sound "right" when you play guitar?
  • Can you only play bits and pieces but desperately want to be able to play what you want?
  • Do you freeze up when playing in front of other people? 
  • Do you want to know exactly what to learn and in the right order? 
  • Are you overwhelmed by all the conflicting information about learning guitar out there?

I know EXACTLY what you're going through. Like many people, I was once really frustrated with my guitar playing, right up until I found a great guitar teacher who changed my life and made me into the player and teacher I am today!  
I doubted I would ever play the way I wanted to, but he showed me the "missing links" and how to get results FAST, removing all of the frustration from trying to teach myself…
Fact is, LOTS of people feel this way. Very few actually do something about it! 


I'm here to help you...

You need a teacher with a plan to help you and proven methods for getting results.

You don't need "natural talent" or more youtube lessons. You need to be taught, trained and given the tools to succeed by someone who understands your needs. 

I have helped hundreds of guitar players from Southampton and I want to help you too. 

Get help TODAY!

"I have learned so much and become a much better player in 6 months. I would recommend Jimmy as a teacher. "

Calum, Southampton

Get results FAST!

 "Jimmy is a great guitar teacher and thanks to his help, my guitar-playing skills have improved way quicker than I could have done with just the help of the internet."

Nicole. Southampton

Benefits of taking lessons with me.

I successfully help people everyday to play guitar the way they've dreamed's how:
  • Lessons are based with YOUR personal music and guitar goals in mind so that you can progress FASTER and EASIER without distractions!  
  • I will show you how and what to practice so that you'll always be on the right track.  
  • I will show you the "missing links"... so you will save time and money. 
Whatever your specific needs are, whatever problems you’re having - I have the answers and can help you. 


 " I have been delighted with my lessons with Jimmy. With a long standing desire to learn guitar and various failed attempts to do so behind me I felt that I needed to be taught by someone who knows how to do just that, Teach!
Jimmy has structured lessons to go at my pace and has found the right balance between learning and fun; this is rarity with guitar teachers.
I can’t recommend Jimmy highly enough not only is he exceptional at his job but he is a great guy to spend time with..."

Sam F, Southampton

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"I've used the majority of well-known guitar methods...I've never made such a sharp incline of progress since taking lessons with Jimmy.

I highly recommend Jimmy for any player serious about his/her development as a guitarist and musician in general." 

Karl M. Southampton 

Why choose me for guitar lessons?

I offer unique, personal guitar training to all of my students. 
 I have been trained in guitar teaching and have been working in education since 2002. I have taught thousands and thousands of guitar lessons to people from Southampton and beyond, with various learning styles and different needs.

I have students of all ages and abilities.
I am proud to say that I currently teach people from Southampton aged 5-65+ and have taken students who couldn’t do ANYTHING and made them into GREAT guitarists.
I don’t have a “comfort-zone” I like to work in. I teach students of ALL ages and abilities and constantly strive to make ALL my students happy with their level of playing.

I use various teaching formats.
I have SEVERAL ways of teaching my students as not every person is the same or learns in the same manner and I will dis-spell several myths about old-school, traditional teaching methods and PROVE to you that my methods will get you results FASTER than normal, average guitar lessons. I've found that a lot of other teachers simply teach their students songs or use a syllabus without finding out what it is their students ACTUALLY want to be able to play on guitar. I teach the PERSON sat in front of me...not just songs, chords or other stuff. I want to help you play whatever it is YOU want. 

I will not only show you “what to play” but, more importantly- HOW TO PLAY IT. 


Knowing WHAT to practice and HOW to practice has really helped me and so has playing with other students. 
If you're thinking of having lessons with Jimmy...DO IT...he knows what he's doing and has made the lessons very interesting and enjoyable." 

Jade W.  Southampton


”I have been playing about 8 years now with some private lessons elsewhere, but just didn't feel I was evolving and struggled with the method of teaching that was being used. So I looked on the Internet for a well rated, professional, very patient teacher and Jimmy came up at the top.

Jimmy has helped me in my weak areas of Scales and barre chords and has given me much needed confidence to do them. He has showed me different ways to play all over the fret board in a easier way then previously told in much quicker time which makes great value for money.

Definitely more confident and more knowledgeable to embrace new things I once found very hard to grasp. He teaches in a way that links things together so it's big breakthroughs in small steps so not too overwhelming. 

I have tried 2 other teachers and had no connection with them which I find makes you nervous and stunts growth as a guitarist. Jimmy is relaxed, patient and an exceptional player. Very well trained and connects with any age group and all levels of ability.
The lessons are fun and personal and you can do one to one teaching or even with other guitarist to help timing and improve playing in a group. Jimmy is also very flexible for appointments which has helped fit in with my busy life style.

He's easy to get to and never had a problem parking (I have had with other teachers) he's happy bubbly and enthusiastic about people learning all types of guitar playing. I wouldn't go anywhere else for lessons now!!”

Darren Smith. Southampton

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